Now Available to Residents
of Camarillo!

You have the power to generate and store your own solar energy and keep your home safe from power outages!

The Ventura Power Program is now available to all residents of Camarillo! The program offers a complete Home Solar Power and Battery Storage System that will help keep your electricity costs down while protecting your home from blackouts by storing your own renewable energy. The program includes the state-of-the-art PowerPod 2 battery storage system, to help protect you from rising electricity costs and keep your lights on during blackouts and power outages.

Get the Peace of Mind that Comes from Generating and Storing Your Own Power!

Customers that only have solar power are not able to continue to have power during a power outage. That’s where the Ventura Power Program comes in, offering a complete Solar Power Generation and Storage System, so you can use the energy you’ve generated and stored when the Grid goes down. And let’s face it, power outages will continue to become more frequent as the Grid weakens due to long-term deterioration and sudden bursts of demand. Protect your family and your home with solar power generation and storage.

PowerPod 2 Overview | How Does The Energy Storage System Work?

PowerPod 2 Battery Included

All Residents of Camarillo Are Eligible for the Program, a No Upfront Cost!

The Ventura Power Program is available to all residents of Camarillo! There are no upfront costs for the customized power generation and storage system, including the solar panels, the battery, the inverter, installation, and maintenance. In addition, there is no credit check, no lien on your property and nothing to finance. The goal of the program is to make sure all Camarillo residents have access to energy resiliency and sustainability, regardless of socio-economic status.

You’ll Save on Electricity Costs When Electricity Rates are High!

Did you know that your electricity rates are the highest during peak rates, usually during high demand periods of 4 to 9 p.m.? By generating and storing your own energy during the day, you’re able to use the energy you’ve stored during these high electricity rate periods. It’s simple, the state-of-the-are smart battery system knows when to start powering your home to help you save money on electricity costs.

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