Now You Can Generate and Store Your Own Power in Oxnard!

Say Hello to Your Own Renewable Power Generation and Say Goodbye to Rising Electricity Costs and Blackouts!

With the Ventura Power Program, you can generate and store your own renewable energy for your home with a complete solar power system including a smart home battery, at no upfront cost to you and nothing to finance! Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can control rising energy costs and more importantly, keeping your lights on during utility power outages.

Renewable Power Generation + Smart Battery Technology: The Perfect Combination!

With the Ventura Power Program, your home generates clean, renewable energy from the sun. This, coupled with our PowerPod 2 state-of-the-art smart home battery storage system, means you have best-in-class power generation and storage for your home. By having the latest technology to store the energy your home generates, you’ll have the energy you need when you need it most: during blackouts. All of this at no upfront cost to you!

PowerPod 2 Overview | How Does The Energy Storage System Work?

PowerPod 2 Battery Included

A Home Power System Designed Especially for Your Home!

Our expert representatives will meet with you and build a customized power system for your home, taking the time to understand your energy needs. And the best part, the Ventura Power Program covers the cost of a complete, customized solar and smart battery storage system. There is no credit check, no income check, no maintenance costs, and no property lien on your home.

Sign-up Today for All the Right Reasons:

By generating and storing your own renewable power, you’ll be helping keep our charming City of Oxnard clean, because you are generating energy from the sun and protecting the environment all-around. So take control of your power today! For you, for your family, and for our community.

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